cantalouper the band


Cantalouper started when David Bazan (Pedro the Lion/Headphones/Overseas) helped complete their first EP (Drool) at his home studio, after hearing a tape of four track recordings handed to him at a Pedro the Lion show. Cantalouper's first full-length album, Mandrakes, was mixed and mastered by Kramer, who has produced records for bands like Low and Galaxie 500. Aside from nineties indie rock, Cantalouper's work references shoegaze and new wave music the most.  They have toured regularly for the past five years throughout the Midwest.  Cantalouper's second LP, Reproduction, was recorded in various bedrooms, a shed, a theater, an aquarium, and outdoors around the band's hometown of Columbia, MO.  Released in May 2015, it is now available on vinyl and digital download.  

Levi Dolan / vocals, guitar

Chuck Parzych III / drums

Andrew Dolan / keyboard

Josh Reid / bass




Cantalouper has played with:

1983 Midwesterners, 2Frail, Acelerando, Alex Fun, American Babies, Annalibera, Antlered Aunt Lord, Ardor Glowing, Athens, The Aunt Eehks Road Show, Bad Friend, Bagheera, Bashful Hips, Beach Moon/Peach Moon, Beards, Ben Isaacs, Ben Severns, The Big League Boys, Birdleg, The Blind Pets, Blind Pilot, Bloody Knives, Bobby Stevens, Boxing Dei Dei, The Brain Thieves, Brandon Brains, Breakfast Special, Bri Berry, Brian Lee & his Orchestra, Briarwolf, Brief Candles, Brilliant Beast, Brooks Strause, The Brothel Sprouts, Campbell DeSousa, Campdogzz, Canyons, Captain Ascender, Carey, Carmel Liburdi, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Caspia, Cave of Swords, Chalaxy, The Chelsea Kills, Children of Spy, Chris Darby, Coaches, Cody Mitchell, Conductor, Control, Cory King and a Bunch of Assholes, Cotton Jones, Cowboy Television, Crash City Saints, Creature Comfort, Creepy Trees, Crisco Kids, Crystal City, Cubits, Curtain Co., Curt Oren, Damn Tsingtao, Dana T, Daniel Wyche, Danny Hoggatt, David Dondero, Daymares, Dear Tracks, Devin Frank Vanishing Blues Band, Dividend, Dubb Nubb, Dulad, Durango, dusty_tupelo, Dylan Sires and the Neighbors, Echo Bones, Emily Prewitt, The End Times Spasm Band, Enemy Airship, Engine, The Eric Rich Ensemble, The Ex-Bombers, Fat Neptune, The First Teenager Ever, The Fresh Tones, Fugitive, The Gardenheads, Gardienne, Glowfriends, Golden Curls, Good Graeff, Gooey Necklace, Got Villians, Grammer, Grim Sleepers, Half Moon, Hands and Feet, Hans Wittrock, Henry Daggs, Hide in the Shallows, Hobbledions, Honest Engines, Hott Lunch, hushpad, Hylidae, IZE, Jeremiah Jackson, John Q. Public, Jon Autry, Jumpcuts, Justin Hickerson, Kalyn Fay, Katlyn Conroy, Kid Dead, King Don't, Knife Death, Kudzu, Landrest, The Last Straw, Last of the Wildmen, Lion's Mouth, Listener, Little Ruckus, Little Science, The Locals, The Lonely Wild, Lost Spirit, Lylas, Madalean Gauze, Major Cities, Malone, Man Bear, The Mariner's Club, Mark Mallman, Mark Winters, Maxito Lindo, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, Milk of Human Kindness, Mire Giants, Missing Sibling, Mitch Gettman, Money for Guns, Motes, Mouton, Movie the Band, Mr. Nasti, Mystery Gift, NEIV, New Madrid, Noah Earle, Noah Leiner, Nonreturner, Odd Hours, Oko Tygra, Olympus Mons, Other Lives, Owls, Foxes, and Sebastian, Ozark Howlers, Pan, Panda Riot, Paper Ceilings, Paqui, Parker DeMers, Pat Boone's Farm, Paulie, Pick Your Poison, Please Please Please, Prawn, Ptarmigan, Quiet Entertainer, Rachel La Vonne, Rae Fitzgerald, Rales, Reacharounds, Real Live Tigers, Rich and Uncle Pennybags, Richard the Lionhearted, The Ridgerunners, Ripped Genes, The Road Soda, Rose Sélavy, The Royal Pines, Run On Sentence, Runaway, Sad Fish, Sad Magick, Saint Gnome, Seashine, Seth Moore the Band, The Shaky Hands, Shivering Timbers, Sick/Sea, Signals & Alibis, Single Player, Sires, Sir Weston, The Skeleton at the Feast, Skydivers, The Soil & the Sun, Soul Mama, Spider Riot, Spoken Nerd, Starving in the Belly of the Whale, State Parks, Stella, Stony LaRue, Sunifyde, Sunset Maintenance, Suzi Trash, Switchblade Justice, The Synthesis, Tamarron, Tape Deck Mountain, Tassel Brothers, Tender Mercy, Terror Pigeon, Think Like Computers, Thunder/Dreamer, Tidals, Tigerbeat, Tom Sauk, Toxic Teeth, Traveler, Tree House, Trey Mowder, The Uh Huhs, Ulo, Unwed Sailor, Vaudevileins, Vern Marigold, The Vigilettes, Von Strantz, Wade Ogle and the Mad Spirits, The Wall Chargers, Wallow, We Are the Willows, Web, We Live in Public, Weller & Hurlin, whytheycame, Winder, Windmills, Withershins, Wizard Solstice, Young Wolves, Zombie Bazooka Patrol, Zoo



January 15 (SUNDAY) Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin w/David Dondero, Hott Lunch, Cody Mitchell

March 17 (FRIDAY) Iowa City, IA @ Trumpet Blossom Cafe (SOLO SHOW ) w/Rae Fitzgerald, Crystal City, Bri Berry

March 18 (SATURDAY) Fairfield, IA @ The Arbor Bar (SOLO SHOW) w/ Rae Fitzgerald, Parker DeMers, Weller & Hurlin

March 19 (SUNDAY) Lincoln, IL @ By the Bean (SOLO SHOW) w/Rae Fitzgerald, 1983 Midwesterners, Nandatory

April 8 (SATURDAY) Columbia, MO @ STARFLYERFEST w/Brilliant Beast, Cave of Swords, Enemy Airship, Golden Curls, Half Moon, Kudzu, Milk of Human Kindness, Seashine, Signals & Alibis, Stella, Tape Deck Mountain

June 3 (SATURDAY) Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin w/Kudzu, Mouton




January 7 (THURSDAY) Columbia, MO @ dvd.home w/Single Player, Ben Severns

March 17 (THURSDAY) Columbia, MO @ The Bridge w/Cave of Swords, Shivering Timbers, Conductor


July 14 (THURSDAY) St. Louis, MO @ The Heavy Anchor w/Major Cities, Hands and Feet, Noah Leiner  INFO

July 15 (FRIDAY) Lincoln, IL @ 3rd Fridays EARLY SHOW w/hushpad INFO

July 15 (FRIDAY) Champaign, IL @ The Accord w/Withershins, Windmills, Vaudevileins INFO

July 16 (SATURDAY) Kankakee, IL @ FEED w/Windmills, Wallow INFO

July 17 (SUNDAY) Detroit, MI @ New Way Bar w/Odd Hours, Rayning, Web INFO

July 19 (TUESDAY) Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/The Chelsea Kills, Grim Sleepers, Madalean Gauze INFO

July 20 (WEDNESDAY) New York, NY @ Cake Shop w/Coaches, 2Frail, Beach Moon/Peach Moon INFO

July 21 (THURSDAY) Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar w/Jumpcuts, Skydivers, The Lavender Tone INFO

July 22 (FRIDAY) Athens, GA @ Flicker w/Antlered Aunt Lord, Fat Neptune INFO

July 23 (SATURDAY) Atlanta, GA @ Wax N Facts EARLY SHOW w/Sir Weston, Sad Fish INFO

July 24 (SUNDAY) Murfreesboro, TN @ Liquid Smoke w/Seth Moore the Band, Spoken Nerd INFO

July 26 (TUESDAY) New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar w/IZE, dusty_tupelo INFO

July 27 (WEDNESDAY) Austin, TX @ Beerland w/Bloody Knives, Rose Sélavy, Daymares INFO

July 28 (THURSDAY) Fort Worth, TX @ Lola's Saloon w/Signals & Alibis, Movie the Band INFO

July 29 (FRIDAY) Hot Springs, AR @ Maxine's w/The Uh Huhs

July 30 (SATURDAY) Springfield, MO @ Moon City Pub w/Sunset Maintenance, Seth Goodwin, New Madrid INFO

August 13 (SATURDAY) Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin w/Cave of Swords, Enemy Airship INFO

October 8 (SATURDAY) Nashville, TN @ Killa Tomato Fest

October 22 (SATURDAY) Ashland, MO @ The Gathering 2016

October 26 (WEDNESDAY) Columbia, MO @ Rose Music Hall w/American Babies, Tree House INFO



May 8 (FRIDAY) Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin w/Enemy Airship, Mire Giants (TRIPLE RELEASE SHOW)

May 27 (WEDNESDAY) Columbia, MO @ The Bridge w/Thunder/Dreamer, Saint Gnome INFO

June 10 (WEDNESDAY) Fayetteville, AR @ George's Majestic Lounge w/The Brothel Sprouts, Dividend INFO

June 11 (THURSDAY) Tulsa, OK @ Boulevard Trash w/Echo Bones, Zach Short Group INFO 

June 12 (FRIDAY) Fort Worth, TX @ Dreamy Life Records (in store early acoustic performance)

June 12 (FRIDAY) Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill w/Signals & Alibis, Tidals, The Road Soda INFO

June 13 (SATURDAY) Arlington, TX @ The Strange Transmission (in studio early performance)

June 13 (SATURDAY) Dallas, TX @ The Underpass w/Little Science, Signals & Alibis, Caspia INFO

June 14 (SUNDAY) Tyler, TX @ house show w/Jeremiah Jackson, Boxing Dei Dei

June 15 (MONDAY) Shreveport, LA @ house show w/Engine

June 16 (TUESDAY) Little Rock, AR @ house show w/The Uh Huhs

June 17 (WEDNESDAY) Nashville, TN @ The Stone Fox w/Bad Friend, Spoken Nerd, Young Wolves INFO

June 18 (THURSDAY) Evansville, IN @ PG w/Traveler, whytheycame INFO

June 19 (FRIDAY) Champaign, IL @ Mike N Molly's w/Windmills, Tigerbeat INFO

June 20 (SATURDAY) St. Louis, MO @ The Heavy Anchor w/Ardor Glowing, Durango, The Vigilettes INFO

July 17 (FRIDAY) Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin w/OKO TYGRA, Tamarron

August 7 (FRIDAY) Ashland, MO @ Gathering of the Dudes 2015

August 12 (WEDNESDAY) Columbia, MO @ The Bridge (acoustic solo set) w/Campdogzz, We Are the Willows

October 7 (WEDNESDAY) Bloomington, IL @ The Bistro w/Brief Candles, NEIV

October 8 (THURSDAY) Chicago, IL @ Elbo Room 

October 9 (FRIDAY) Chicago, IL @ Dave's Records (acoustic solo early show) w/Daniel Wyche

October 9 (FRIDAY) Kankakee, IL @ FEED w/Windmills, Wallow

October 10 (SATURDAY) Springfield, IL @ The Radon Lounge w/The Locals, Zoo

October 27 (TUESDAY) Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin w/Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, Ex-Cult

November 22 (SUNDAY) Columbia, MO @ Rose Music Hall w/Rae Fitzgerald and band, Soul Mama INFO




Levi's heading out for some solo shows with Rae Fitzgerald this weekend.  PLease come say hi if you can.

3/17 (FRIDAY) Iowa City, Iowa

3/18 (SATURDAY) Fairfield, Iowa

3/19 (SUNDAY) Lincoln, Illinois

(more info under SHOWS)



STARFLYERFEST IS BACK.  So, so happy to announce Starflyerfest round 2 is coming Saturday, April 8. 

Check out  for more info

Check out for more info




Today, the last day of Barack Obama's presidency, also happens to be Levi's birthday. In the spirit of Bowie, Cantalouper has a new EP as a surprise.  All bandcamp proceeds from this release will go to the ACLU.




We have a new song out today on Invisible Library's Christmas compilation No Sleep Till Christmas, featuring a very special guest appearance by Nate Dolan on drums and backing vocals.  It's Christmastime!  

Super happy to appear with friends like Tape Deck Mountain, hushpad, Haunted Gauntlet, and Spoken Nerd on this project.  They've got really good songs you should check out too.  And the Christopher Sur song is really strong. 




Sheesh, it's October!
Upcoming Cantalouper shows:

10/8 Nashville, TN @ Killa Tomato Festival
10/22 Ashland, MO @ The Gathering
10/26 Columbia, MO @ Rose Music Hall

Let's not give up on hanging out.



The Antidote (Ontario, Canada) aired a Cantalouper episode this week, featuring our songs and an interview with Levi.  It's also on iTunes if you prefer the podcast format. 



Surprise! We made a new EP just in time for tour.  If you buy it on bandcamp, the money goes to Brett Siler, a friend to our band an many other working musicians, who lost his studio, home, and cat in a fire during the production of this EP.  So please buy it there if you can.  Yay, new songs!



We just put up a bunch of tour dates for next month.  Hope you can come say hi if you're around.  More news soon...





Got another new song for you: The new Galaxie 500 tribute is out today.  We covered the song "Decomposing Trees" for it.  Honored to appear on this project via the Brazilian label/blog/all-round cool deal The Blog That Celebrates Itself. Bands from eleven countries contributed.

Click cover image to listen

Click cover image to listen





Happy Starflyer 59 Day! A fan tribute came out today called Always Play Covers. We covered the song "Red Tide".  

If you haven't listened to this band or song before, they were the big gateway to rock and roll for some of us.  Over the course of thirteen studio albums (with a fourteenth announced), they've been a model of commitment, sonic sensibility, songwriting, and blue collar work ethic that we'll always admire.  Plus their music is super fun to listen to.  Worth your time to look em up.



VOX Magazine posted a story about the first Starflyerfest.

John Bat/Vox

John Bat/Vox




We'll have Chuck's newest opus at Cafe Berlin on Saturday.  Plus some of our favorite bands: Enemy Airship, The Uh Huhs, Cave of Swords, Missing Sibling, Signals & Alibis, Motes, Stella, Windmills, The Wall Chargers, Damn Tsingtao, and Devin Frank Vanishing Blues Band. 



STARFLYERFEST is coming up!  Two weeks from Saturday!  Less than a dollar per band to check out some of the best quality regional shoegaze, new wave, dream pop, and space rock.  It's going to be so much fun!  With so much reverb!



Super Cool, Very Exciting Band Announcement:

We are playing at and helping to put on the first ever Starflyerfest in our hometown of Columbia, MO.  You can find out more at



Massive Black Hole Bummer Band Announcement:
Andrew will not be playing in Cantalouper for a long time.
He and his wife Alissa are flying to China today to live and teach for one year.
Cantalouper will continue as a three-piece.
Milk of Human Kindness will not be playing shows.
We love them and wish the best for them.
Will will miss the Prophet '08 so much. And also Andrew.




New year, new band.  Some of us in Cantalouper have been working on another project with Andrew's songs called Milk of Human Kindness.  Here's the first single:


 Bucket Full of Nails is now featuring our new music video for Katydid.  Super cool!


The Strange Transmission of Fort Worth, TX, just posted our live-in-studio performance of "Katydid", from when we were there last summer.  They've recorded a bunch of other bands for their channel, and are super chill, awesome dudes, check them out.


Nada Mucho did a write up and blog premiere for our new video, check it out!  Really happy to get to work with them.



The Katydid video is live!  Thank you friends!  Merry Christmas!


Big Cantalouper announcement: Our Katydid music video is ready for release.  

This Monday, it'll premiere through the awesome Seattle-based site  Nada Mucho.  

This has been an ongoing project for many months with  Peace Frame Productions and filmmaker Melissa Lewis.  We're proud of how well we worked together, and happy it's almost time to share the finished result with you.  Just in time for Christmas!

Here's a screenshot from the video- trash monster at twilight.

Here's a screenshot from the video- trash monster at twilight.


We shot another chunk of the music video for Katydid with Peace Frame Productions this weekend.  Here's a picture:

Those big cantalouper heads did not want to fit through the top of the slide.  

Those big cantalouper heads did not want to fit through the top of the slide.  


Tour is complete.  Five days in Illinois were some of our best yet, thanks to all our new and old friends.  Here's some stuff Josh wrote about our trip:

Tour Diary Renewed #1

We are driving through Illinois to play a “Shoegaze Wednesday” show in Bloomington. The world is also supposed to end tonight.

I never knew that I wanted to play a post-apocalyptic show with Brief Candles and Neiv until this exact moment. They are so good and this is going to be such fun. But we must wonder: What does a shoegaze show on the edge of annihilation even sound like?

Tonight we will get an answer.

I like to think that this particular cataclysm will involve some kind of breakdown in the space-time continuum and all us Wednesday Shoegazers will be confronted by the mummifed remains of our ancestors. They will wag their bony fingers to convey their disappointment in our choices and we will destroy them with purple waves of guitar noise that taste like dehydrated ice cream. We will stand together in our final moments, with one foot on our pedal boards and one foot in the grave.

Anyway, that’s one scenario. We are barreling down the road to our ultimate destiny.

We are Cantalouper, and we aint afraid of no ghosts.

Driving music:

Stella - Skin and Seeds
New Order - Music Complete

Tour Diary Renewed #2

That was quite a show, folks.

We had an amazing time playing with the as yet unnamed band, Neiv, and Brief Candles. The Midwest Shoegaze gang turned out in force and we averted annihilation. The Bistro is great, Mama is great, life is great.

Also thank you to Mr. Embrey, king among men, for hosting us and providing us with tasty breakfast makings and shower access. God bless his beautiful golden soul.

We are driving to play in Chicago at the Elbo Room. Is this exciting? As our friends from Neiv would say: “But of course.”

Seriously, go check out Neiv right now before they blow up and you have to pay $50 to get into their shows.

And go see Brief Candles before their awesomeness exceeds the boundaries of this universe and they vanish into Earth 2 to delight our dopplegangers.

And give Christopher Golwitzer a hug next time you see him.

On a side note, I love Illinois but all this flat terrain makes me feel a bit like a cockroach scurrying across a vast kitchen floor.

We are cantalouper. We love you. On to the big city!

Road Music:

Neiv. Neiv all day long

Tour Diary Renewed #3

We are in Chicago.

There’s nothing like navigating through the 2nd biggest city in America to make a fellow feel like a rube.

It is, however, a kind and handsome city. We had a great time at the Elbo Room with all our new friends from Big League Boys, Pick your Poison, The Apprehended, and Light the Fire. We are all about as far apart musically as can be, but we stood united in our love for good times and guitars and hot showers. That night the rubes were winners.

We slept in a hostel, we found parking, we hung out with Dave at Dave’s Records, we ate mad cozy Korean food. If you find yourself in this beautiful city, visit these places. Purchase their wares. Tell them cantalouper loves them still.

On to Kankakee where our brothers in Windmills await. It will be delightful. We are driving along the lake and watching the waves and just doing tour things.

What a wonderful world.


Neiv. Neiv forever and ever.

Tour Diary Renewed #4

There are hard gigs and easy gigs and disappointing gigs and gigs that make you wonder why you bother to do this stuff at all.

There are also shows that justify the whole experience beyond every expectation. Those shows make you aware of a whole world of people out there plugged into your wavelength. You learn that your people are all over, and you all share the same interior space. You come together and you tap into something that matters.

We had one of those last night in Kankakee. Thank you Wallow, for being young and wild and great. Thank you Windmills, for being what you are and taking us along for the ride. Thank you Feed, for existing and filling up with the finest audience in Illinois. It was a hell of a good time.

Thank you Nick and Mike for the pancakes and the hospitality and laughing at the “Cartman sings Smashing Pumpkins” thing. Love you guys.

We are barreling down the road to Springfield. We are full of coffee and figs and vigor. We are closing this thing down at the Radon Lounge tonight. See you there.

We are cantalouper. We are all in this together, you guys. Seriously.



Tour Diary Renewed # 5

There is music happening in your town. It is happening in basements and bedrooms and tiny bars. It is happening in art galleries and theaters and repurposed garages. It is happening in little towns and in big cities. It is happening because people are driven to create it and share it and learn from it.

The Radon Lounge is a place where music happens. We had a ton of fun last night. Thank you Jeff for creating such a special space and letting us share. Thank you to Zoo and The Locals for creating and sharing. You are great bands. And thank you everybody in Springfield who came out to listen.

Like most things, music is best when it’s homemade with organic ingredients.

The road is unspooling into a yellow Illinois sunrise and we are heading home. There are hundreds of bands out here with us right down burning up the miles and sweating and starving for a chance to share something. Music is happening.

Chuck Parzych III plays drums, drives the van, makes art out of everything, and operates a finishing school out of his home.

Andrew Dolan plays keyboards, crushes high scores, sees the future, hacks the planet, makes the Kessel Run in 11.5 parsecs, and can nap literally anywhere.

Josh Reid plays bass, sleeps late, and writes the tour diary.

Levi Dolan writes the songs, sings the songs, plays guitar, invented the band, and does everything else.

We are Cantalouper. Thanks.


Joy Division


Here's an interview Levi did with the Brazil-based site The Blog That Celebrates Itself.  There's some stuff about being a shoegaze fan, about making an album over a long period of time, and some stuff about upcoming Cantalouper projects.


We'll be touring the great state of Illinois in October:

10.7 (WEDNESDAY) Bloomington, IL @ The Bistro w/Brief Candles, NEIV

10.8 (THURSDAY) Chicago, IL @ Elbo Room

10.9 (FRIDAY) Chicago, IL @ Dave's Records (EARLY ACOUSTIC SHOW)

10.9 (FRIDAY) Kankakee, IL @ FEED w/Windmills, Wallow

10.10 (SATURDAY) Springfield, IL @ The Radon Lounge

Really looking forward to seeing our Illinois friends.  This'll be our last little tour getting our Reproduction LP out on the road this year.  


We started shooting a music video for Katydid with Peace Frame Productions and friends.  Here's a picture from last night:


The super rad guys at The Strange Transmission made this video of us performing in studio, shot while we were on tour in Texas last month.  It felt weridly vivid to hear everyone in our headphones while we were playing.  Thanks Irving Lopez for engineering it so well!  Touring friends, look these guys up if you're going through DFW.


Critical Masses published a review of Reproduction.  I think it's the first time someone has talked about how Cantalouper's music reminds them of Frightened Rabbit, which is super cool.



For fans of reading about how hard it is to explain why Joy Division is a great band, here's a new review from Tasty Fanzine of our album Reproduction. 



by Josh Reid

Location:  Home

Morale:  Elated

We arrived in Champaign, Illinois on a warm and cloudy day.  Thanks to the kind attention and effort of our pal Isaac Arms, we played one heck of an outdoor show with bellies full of Chinese food.  Mike n’ Molly’s hosted one of the best shows of the tour, attended by many of Champaign’s hippest live music fans.  Tigerbeat played an amazing opening set, and Windmills put us all to bed with their control of dynamics and their effect pedal wizardry.  It was a great night.  Truly one for the record.  Isaac Arms is one hell of a concert promoter and one hell of a good dude.

After the show, we ran for Jim and Jennifer’s warm and welcoming house.  We spent the final night of the tour snoozing in comfortable beds and eating delicious homemade food.  Jim and Jennifer run one of the best homes for wayward musicians in the country.  We’d been looking forward to their hospitality through the entire tour, and we were not disappointed.  They are truly outstanding folks.

The final show went down at the Heavy Anchor in St. Louis.  Though not as heavily attended as the previous show, we still had a great time.  The opening bands were a lot of fun, and Durango’s all-out sonic assault made for a nice cathartic end to our trip.  It was also nice to see some familiar faces so close to home.   The Heavy Anchor is a really cool place, and you should swing by and have a beer next time you’re in the area.

So now I’m typing this from home and struggling to come up with a good way to cap off this experience.  I think it’s safe to say that Cantalouper’s Reproduction Tour was a great success.  We made a lot of new friends.  We saw a lot of cool venues.   We heard some great music.  We played our best and shared our music with people in towns big and small.

Thank you for giving us the space:  George’s Majestic Lounge, Boulevard Trash, Dreamy Life Records, 1919 Hemphill, The Strange Transmission The Underpass, The Mango Chateau, Micheal’s House, The Sludge Room, The Stone Fox, PG, Mike ‘n Molly’s, and the Heavy Anchor.   Without places like these, music like ours would never be heard.

Thank you for playing with us:  Dividend, The Brothel Sprouts, The Zack Short Group, Echo Bones, The Road Soda, Signals and Alibis, Little Science, Caspia, Jeremiah Jackson, Boxing Dei Dei, Engine, Gooey Necklace, The Uh-Huhs, Spoken Nerd, Bad Friend, Young Wolves, Traveler, whytheycame, Tigerbeat, Windmills, Ardor Glowing, The Vigilettes, and Durango.  You are the blood in the veins of indie music and it was a pleasure to share our experience with you

Thank you for hosting us:  Steve and Tami, Chris, Little Science, Landon, The Sludge Room, Chris and Kristin, PG, and JIm and Jennifer.  Your hospitality is what keeps bands like ours able to do what we do.  You’re awesome.

Thank you to Mark the amp man for hooking us up when we needed help.

Thank you to the friends and family members who supported us, who watched kids, who made phone calls, and who held things together.  You are loved.

Thank you to every single person who talked to us after the shows, who picked up an LP or a CD, who put on a cantalouper shirt, and who just made the effort to come out and see us do what we do.  You are appreciated.

Cantalouper is now at rest for about a week.  We got Audiofeed coming up in July.


“Music has value.”   - Levi Dolan

So does art.

So do friends.

So does life.

See you on the next one.



by Josh Reid

Location:  PG.  Evansville, Indiana

Morale:   The sky is the limit

There are a lot of cool places in the world.  

PG, the art/beer/music/food joint of record in Evansville is possibly the coolest. 

We shared the stage with whytheycame and Traveler, both of whom played great sets.  We drained many locally (as in next door) brewed Tin Man beers with our brothers in Thunder/Dreamer.   We played our guts out and left the floor shining with our sweat and sonic reverberations, then crashed in the provided band quarters upstairs.

When we came to our senses this afternoon, we stumbled downstairs for fresh French pressed coffee, a couple of rounds of GTA: Vice City, and the king of all breakfasts.

Seriously.  The breakfast I just had looks down its nose at your breakfast.  My breakfast is superior in every way.  My breakfast was probably what Bruce Lee probably had for breakfast every day.  My breakfast achieved enlightenment on its way to my belly.   My breakfast beat up your breakfast, took your breakfast’s lunch money, then paid for and ate itself.

It was really, really good.

Should you ever find yourselves in Evansville, seek ye PG.  Have a plate of hash browns and wash it down with a can of Overlord.  Tell ‘em Cantalouper sent ya.

The tour is winding down.  Home is so close that we can smell it (or perhaps that’s just the dirty laundry in the backseat).   We’ve got more work to do.  There are killer shows with our name on them waiting in Champaign and St. Louis.   We are Cantalouper.  The road goes ever on and on; but so do we.   The power of rock and roll compels you.


“What’s your favorite Nirvana song?”



by Josh Reid

LOCATION:  La Casa del Thunder/Dreamer

MORALE:  Rising like the tide

It’s been a couple of days.

Let’s reconnect.

We played a fun, turned down show at a party in a beautiful home in Shreveport, LA with our pals in Engine.  The house was gorgeous, with floor to ceiling windows looking out over a lush backyard.  You couldn’t ask for a more unique atmosphere to play in.  The people were kind, the food was amazing, and the after party at our man Landon’s house was filled to the brim with personal connections and great conversation.

After that, we headed to Little Rock and the wild scene at The Sludge Room.  We played another house show, but the chill atmosphere in Shreveport was replaced by a frantic love of good music shared by all the beautiful creatures of Southern Arkansas.  Gooey Necklace blew our minds with their spacey keyboard acrobatics, and The Uh-Huhs got the whole kitchen bouncing with their full bore garage noise attack and strong melodies.   We held our own with a literally tight set played right on top of each other.  When the dust settled and the sweat dried, we rolled out of town with new fans and new friends.   

A big shout out to Justin (you angel) and the rest of the roomies at the Sludge Room for being amazing human beings.  You princes of Little Rock, you kings of the Mid-South; it was an honor to share your digs and to play for you.

The journey then took us to familiar territory in Nashville, where we played a loud and triumphant set at The Stone Fox.  Our dearest and most bearded friend Spoken Nerd kicked things off with vim and vigor.  Then we all enjoyed a kick ass set from the sonic maestros of Bad Friend.   We played an extremely loud set that got a positive response from the house, and our new friends in Young Wolves closed out the night with a blistering set of groovy metal.  It was our best show in Nashville to date, and everybody had a great time. 

We would be extremely remiss not to mention Chris (of Damn Tsing Tao, for those in the know) and Kristin for being fantastic hosts.  It was great to see your friendly faces and to sleep well in your friendly living room.

This is as good a time to any to talk about the best type of people on the planet:  the people who host bands from out of town.   The fact is that the world is a large and complex and occasionally frightening place.  People make art to deal with it.   When artists support artists, the world becomes a better place.  The things you make are important.  So is the energy that you send out into the world.  We are lucky to have such supportive and amazing band friends.  You guys make going out on the road such a pleasure.

Tonight, PG at Evansville.  Tomorrow, the world!


“Does he need a cold cloth?  I think he needs a cold cloth.”



by Josh Reid

Location:  Rhino Coffee, Shreveport LA

Morale:  Waxing

It is with warm hearts full of tingly indie band love that we bid goodbye to the great state of Texas.  The show at the Underpass in Dallas kicked every kind of ass that you can imagine.  We got to hang out with our amazing friends in Signals and Alibis, including an epic attempt at downing Irish Car Bombs.  I’ve spent some time trying to figure out how to describe Signals and Alibis’ music.  It’s something like Morphine but with Kevin Shields on guitar and Siouxsie Sioux on vocals. That doesn’t even give them justice.  We spent the night in the Black Castle of Little Science.  If that sentence seems nonsensical to you, go to and thank me later.

We ended our Lone Star leg of the tour with a super fun show at a DIY space in Tyler.  We shared the stage with a couple of great acts and shared many bottles of Rolling Rock with the hip denizens of the local scene.  Much love to Tyler.  Much love to the Days Inn with their hot showers and pillow top mattresses.  Today we are like a new band.

We made the trip to Shreveport this morning and are now camped out at Rhino Coffee enjoying the local buzz. This is your humble narrator’s first time in Louisiana.  No vampires yet, but hope springs eternal.  We are stoked for our show tonight.

The sweat rolls on.  The tour rolls on.  We cannot be stopped by heat, watery eggs, maladjusted highways, or any other sort of malady.  We are the brave men of Cantalouper and we are STILL having an awesome time.

My laptop charger no longer functions properly.  We will continue posting this diary as well as we can with what we have.


(sung to the tune of “Stuffed Animals” by Cantalouper)

“I never made up
a part for this
when in doubt
I just play "F’”



by Josh Reid

Location:  The Underpass, Dallas

Morale:  Big and Bright (deep in the heart of Texas)

Let’s talk about Texas.

These tour stops are our first foray into the Lone Star State, and we weren’t quite sure what to expect.  Of course there are preconceptions about the state and its citizens.   We expected cowboy hats, openly carried firearms, indie film makers, and incompetent ex-presidents.  

These are things we got instead:   tattoos, fantastic Mexican food, oppressive heat, incredible local bands, friendly people, hip bars, anarchist zines, a bat-shit insane highway system, some new records, and some new friends.

Texas is awesome.

It is impossible due to time constraints to list all the things we love about Texas.  We could talk about our gig at 1919 Hemphill, the oldest punk rock D.I.Y venue in the South and the amazing “come as you are” style BBQ party afterward.  We could talk about Chris Cotter, owner and operator of the Punk Rock Hotel where we enjoyed the warm hospitality of his floor and shower.   We could talk about Signals and Alibis, one of the coolest bands in the world.  We could talk about Levi’s transcendent acoustic show at the sublime Dreamy Life Records.  None of this is even touching the fantastic time we had recording live audio and video for The Strange Transmission at EMP studios.   There is so much to love about our experience in Texas that we would probably have to purchase a website with 6 gigs of storage just for me to write page after page about it.

We aren’t going to do that.  We are just going to say “Yay!  Texas!”

Also, a word about transporting 100 vinyl records in the back of a vehicle during a Texas summer.


You might end up running down a downtown street in the middle of a thunderstorm lugging your records and unable to pull your pants up.

The less said about that the better.

We are at The Underpass.  We go on in a couple of hours.

We are totally coming back to Texas.


“What should the quote be?”

“I don’t know.  What did we say that’s funny today?”

“We say so many funny things, it all blends together.”

“I’m writing this conversation down as the quote of the now.”

“Do it!”



by Josh Reid

Location:   America’s Best Value Inn, Somewhere in Oklahoma

Morale:  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

It is easy while on tour to form a strong impression of an entire town based on a single bar or club.   We are in these cities for such a short amount of time that it is difficult to get a sense of what it is really like to live here.  It’s patently unfair.  It is also inevitable.  It’s human nature to make snap judgements.  The brave men of cantalouper  are only human.  Dirty, disheveled, and sore; but human.

For example, based on our impressions, Fayetteville Arkansas is populated solely by good-natured men and women who enjoy nothing more than throwing back frosty tall boys and listening to distorted garage/shoegaze tunes while watching the trains go by.  Their counterparts in Tulsa, Oklahoma are all sincere young aficionados of punk rock who dabble from time to time in beautiful guitar lines transmitted directly from the chillest sectors of deep space.  Both cities are lucky to have such talented and friendly local bands.

We are having a kick ass time.

We are also experiencing gear issues.  Levi’s amp has betrayed us.   We bear it no ill will.  Life on the road is hard for both man and machine.  Also, a capo is missing.  The quest for a music store begins this afternoon.

Today we move on to Fort Worth, Texas for an in store performance at Dreamy Life Records to be followed by a highly anticipated show at 1919 Hemphill with Signals and Alibis, Tidals, and The Road Soda.  Our first time in Oklahoma was a blast.  We’re eager to see what awaits us in the Lone Star State.

“This tour is brought to you by water,  the original drink.” -Dan Smith of Listener/everyone who has heard Dan Smith of Listener say this



by Josh Reid

Location:   Hwy 63

Morale:  High

We are getting really good at packing a trailer.   I have long advocated for a series of Olympic style events for working indie bands.   Instead of the usual dour “Battle of the Bands” sort of competition, we could all race to see who can find the best $5 breakfast in a strange city.  Or which drummer can wrap his kit in old blankets while using the least amount of duct tape.  These are the kinds of skills that really start to matter when you go out on tour.  The easiest, and most fun, part is actually playing the show.  Getting from city to city takes nerve, endurance, and a firm hand on the rudder.

I feel like cantalouper could at least take the bronze in trailer packing.

We are currently rolling down Hwy 63 just north of Jefferson City, Missouri.  This is very familiar territory.  We haven’t even had to turn on the CD player yet.   Spirits are high.  We have a large supply of unread graphic novels and plenty of water in the cooler.  We are psyched to see all our old friends and to make some new ones along the way.  Cantalouper’s Reproduction 2015 Tour has officially begun!


“Of all the 25-year-olds who live near me, he is the best songwriter.”


Levi did an interview with The Finger magazine a few weeks ago that is now online.


Reproduction is live on bandcamp!  

Vinyl release tonight at Cafe Berlin!  

The Columbia Daily Tribune published a review of Reproduction yesterday:



Crayonbeats is premiering our new song Crybaby today (from the album Reproduction, out May 8).

“Crybaby” is a rock-and-roll song that rides heavily on grungy guitar riffs and banging snares...go ahead and try to resist the urge to play these air instruments, while you sing along.
— Crayonbeats


Cantalouper fans tell you about the new Reproduction LP.







Reproduction (Tracks 1-2)

by Cantalouper